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Downsizing: You Need a Written Plan

The objective of this article is to help make your decision to downsize easier and reduce the stress associated with the process.  I achieve this objective by first identifying the obstacles people face when downsizing.  I then illustrate the six tasks needed to overcome these obstacles.

Obstacles to Downsizing:
The Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council has identified eleven obstacles people face when considering whether to downsize or not.

The Six-Task Downsizing Process: (adapted from the SRES Designation Manual page 78)
The order in which each task should be completed depends on the needs of the person or couple who is downsizing and is determined at the initial goal setting stage. 
Task One:  Set Written Goals with a Timeline.

Task Two:  Assess Future Needs.

Task Three:  Sort into Categories.  Use various colored Post-It Notes to sort items.

Task Four:  Give special mementos to children, grandchildren and friends.

Task Five:  Throw-Out Strategies.

Task Six:  Space Planning.

Due to the limited scope of this article I was unable to elaborate in more detail about the process.  To receive more complete information about downsizing please request a free copy of my E-report “Selling a Loved One’s Home,” at

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