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Manufactured Home Retirement Communities
Myths vs. Facts

It's time to put those "stereotypical" views about mobile home parks to rest!

Today's manufactured homes offer you the foremost in quality, afford-ability and value.

MYTH - Manufactured Homes are not well-made.

FACT - You are assured of first-rate construction, because all manufactured homes built since 1976 must meet the strict performance standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The department's code requires the highest standards in every phase of construction and their requirements are comparable to the Standard Building Code for the site-built homes. Also, all manufacturers have their own quality assurance program.

MYTH - Manufactured homes are not attractive.

FACT - Seeing is believing. Step inside and you will experience all the appeal and comfort you expect in a high-quality home. There is a spacious, stylish and beautiful home for every taste, budget and lifestyle.

MYTH - Manufactured homes look like trailers.

FACT - There are many manufactured homes set up with options added that allow them to fit into the neighborhood they are in. With hundreds of floor plans and styles to choose from, you can custom order your home through the manufactures home dealership.

Today's Manufactured homes are not the "trailers" or mobile homes of the past. They are attractive and well built.

One Last Fact... Over 18 million Americans live in a Manufactured Home.

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