Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 22

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Cleveland
• TTY: 1-800-377-4950
• 1-800-Medicare (1-800-633-4227)
• TTY: 1-877-486-2048
• Senior Medicare Patrol:
• Locate an SMP at
• Or call 1-877-808-2468
This article was supported in part by funding from the Administration on
Aging, Department of Health & Human Services, grant #90NP0001/02.
Grantees undertaking projects under government sponsorship are
encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Therefore,
points of view or opinions do not necessarily represent official
Administration on Aging policy.
Editorial provided by The National Consumer Protection Technical
Resource Center, funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging.
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