Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 28

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Cleveland
qualified workers and set their work schedule. The CD-
PAP program serves as a fiscal liaison between Medicaid
and the patient’s family to pay the salary of the autho-
rized home care worker. The patient’s family supervises
the home care worker, while CDPAP manages the home
attendant’s payroll.
Myth #4: I can’t apply for benefits because I
have transferred assets and I must wait for a
60-month period to expire.
The 60-month look back rule is not a penalty period,
but rather a “financial review” period, and is for nursing
home Medicaid applications. For home care benefits in
New York, the “look-back” period is only one month.
Myth #5: I can’t qualify for Medicaid because I
have too much money in my bank account.
Medicaid currently has a resource limit of $14,250
for an individual ($20,850 for a couple). If the Medicaid
applicant’s assets are below this threshold, then he/she
will be eligible for benefits. However, if the assets are
above the resource limit, this would require the Medic-
aid applicant to institute an asset protection plan which
he/she would either transfer the funds to an exempt
person, or gift the funds to a Trust which may result in
a waiting period for benefits. Early planning is crucial,
especially for Alzheimer’s patients, when their mental
capacity begins to diminish.
Editorial provided byy Judith Grimaldi, CELA, CAP, and Pauline Yeung-
Ha, Esq. Judith Grimaldi, CELA, CAP, and Pauline Yeung-Ha, Esq., are
members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).
This information is provided as a public service and is not intended as
legal advice. Such advice should be obtained from a qualified Elder Law
attorney. To find one in your area, visit
and click on “Find
An Attorney.”
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