Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 37
It’s not always easy to keep that positive perspec-
tive when faced with the many challenges of aging.
But knowing what to expect, and how to manage the
challenges can make all the difference in the world. A
senior assessment center can help.
A senior assessment center can offer insight and
guidance specific to many of the common problems
older adults face including decline in ability to perform
day-to-day activities, confusion and memory loss,
depression and anxiety, behavioral changes, problems
managing medications, falls or difficulty walking, con-
cerns regarding living arrangements, caregiver stress
and concerns, weight loss and driving safety.
“Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is accept the
fact that something isn’t quite right. Often, family
members and caregivers,
rather than the older individ-
ual themselves, are the first
to contact us,” said Christine
Nelson, APRN, BC, Geriatric
Clinical Nurse Specialist at
Lakewood Hospital. “We tell
our patients that knowledge
is power. When you know
what you are dealing with,
you can learn as much as
possible about it, then de-
termine how best to live with
it. We work with our patients
and family members to make
What is a Senior Assessment
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