Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 44

moving and calming. Yang energy
is faster-paced and energizing. Tai
Chi classes involve a balance of
both types of energy.
Tai Chi is a slow-flowing, fluid
movement exercise. It is a non-
competitive system of gentle physi-
cal exercise and stretching. Each
posture flows into the next without
pause. Tai Chi is sometimes de-
scribed as “meditation in motion”
because the concentration required
for the movements helps you to stay
in the present moment.
Tai Chi is about 4,700 years old.
There are a few different variations,
and there are also variations within
the variations. The movements can
be done either seated or standing.
Classes are usually 45-60 minutes
long. Anyone can participate, even
if they have never done Tai Chi
before, and even if they are using a
walker or wheelchair.
Tai Chi is beneficial for restor-
ing flexibility and joint function,
improving balance, and lifting en-
ergy and outlook. Tai Chi, like yoga,
can also help to reduce depression,
arthritis pain, chronic pain, stiff-
ness, and fibromyalgia. It enhances
breathing, lowers blood pressure
and slows bone loss. Both yoga and
Tai Chi offer relief from chronic
health issues with no joint impact,
which is helpful for older adults.
Massage Therapy
Massage is a hands-on therapy
that involves manipulating the
muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin
to relieve stress, tension, soreness,
spasms and muscle damage.
There are many different types
of massage. Massage techniques
can be either relaxing or energizing,
and a session usually lasts from 30-
90 minutes.
Massage treatments are normal-
ly conducted on a massage table.
But most types can also be done on
a bed or in a chair, so people who
have difficulty getting up on a table
can still benefit from massage.
Massage helps to remove toxins
from the tissues in the body. It helps
to move the lymphatic fluid through
the lymph system and circulate
blood back to the heart. It keeps
the muscles, tendons and ligaments
supple, which helps with range of
motion in the joints. Massage also
reduces stress and stress-related
ailments. Heart disease, high blood
pressure, and compromised im-
mune systems can all benefit from
massage treatments. It also helps
to keep the muscles exercised for
people who are not able to exercise.
Reiki is a gentle healing touch
technique that originated thousands
of years ago in Japan. It facilitates
relaxation, stress reduction, and
healing on the physical, mental and
emotional levels.
Reiki works by balancing the
energy centers in our body. When
healthy, each energy center vibrates
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