Senior Citizen's Guide to Cleveland 2013 Vol. 1 - page 7
There really is no place like home. When asked
about their preference for housing, most seniors
answer, “What I would really like to do is to stay right
here.” A person’s own home represents security and
independence to most Americans.
Most housing, however, is designed for young, active,
and mobile people. To live at home, a person must, at
the very least, have access to transportation, and be
able to go shopping, cook, and do household chores.
Many of us will lose one or more of these abilities as we
grow older.
One option is to purchase in-home services to cope
with declining abilities. For a fee, an army of workers
will appear to cut your grass, wash your windows, cook
your meals, do the shopping, and even provide personal
care and/or skilled nursing care. This may be the option
for you, depending on the amount of help you need.
This can be expensive, however, and will require a lot of
management and coordination.
For people willing to relocate, there are plenty of
options, although there may be some confusion about
what all the terms mean.
Independent Communities
Independent living differs in terms of medical services
offered depending on where you live. Occupants
generally require no extra assistance with daily tasks.
Independent housing includes everything from houses
to townhouses to apartments. The only determining
factor that makes it different from other housing without
Retirement Living Options
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