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If you have been diagnosed with Glaucoma, selecting
a doctor who can monitor eye pressure and recommend
solid treatment plans is of the utmost importance in
maintaining healthy vision. Untreated eye pressure
not monitored on a routine basis can lead to adverse
effects on your vision, such as reduction in vision
function that oftentimes cannot be reversed. Often, with
typical treatment plans, patients struggle physically and
often financially to remain compliant with complicated
regimens that require precise applications of multiple
expensive eye drops. There is an alternative to eye drops
and their side effects for glaucoma treatment—laser
surgery that can greatly lessen or virtually eliminate your
dependence on eye medications.
The Laser Procedure. Covered by most insurance plans,
the FDA-approved SLT laser procedure is considered fast,
safe and effective. The treatment is usually effective for
2-5 years. SLT is a cool, non-thermal laser treatment
and can be repeated if your eye pressure increases later.
This laser surgery eliminates the inconvenience of an eye
drop regimen, as well as the expensive monthly trips to
the pharmacy. SLT only targets specific cells of the eye
using an advance laser system. This leaves surrounding
tissue intact and allows only certain cells to be affected.
With the SLT procedure, eye pressure is reduced without
the risk of destroying tissue or scarring healthy cells. The
treatment is an outpatient procedure and only takes about
15 minutes to be completed.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment for yourself or you loved
ones. Fox Chapel Plaza, 1101 Freeport Road 105, Pittsburgh, PA 15238,
(412) 782-0400. Cranberry, Brandt Dr. Suite 201, Cranberry Twp., PA
16066, (724) 772-5420.
Glaucoma Treatment
Making it Simple. Affordable. Effective
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