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Accessible Home Health Care

Accessible Home Health Care is a multi-dimensional, Philadelphia, PA home health care provider specializing in non-medical services for all age groups.  There are Accessible Home Health Care offices in 24 states, including our headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida.

Why Accessible Home Health Care?
Accessible's professional team has extensive experience in the health industry and is committed to be there with "Compassionate Care" during your days of need:

Assisted living facilities, senior care centers and elder care communities are no longer the only ways that families can care for their loved ones. At Accessible Home Health Care we provide "Compassionate Care from the Heart" to help assist and support families during times of need when seniors and elders begin to change physically and mentally.

Accessible Home Health Care provides quality, loving, in-home senior care for families just like yours. We customize care plans that provide the right mix of services to preserve your loved ones' independence, maintain in-home safety, and enhance quality of life including:

Our caregivers bring "Compassionate Care from the Heart" to your loved ones all the time - 24/7. Call today for more information.

For more information, contact:

Jane Butler-Panneton,  President
Jane Butler-Panneton,  President

Accessible Home Health Care

Phone: 610-668-1802
Email: Accessible Home Health Care
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Serving Philadelphia, PA and Surrounding Counties

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