Senior Citizen's Guide to Washington County Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 29

Boomers Resource Guide
• Spring/Summer 2017
What can patients do to decrease
their fall risk at home?
Patients can decrease their fall
risk by making sure their home is
set up safely. They can do this by
removing any loose throw rugs,
ensuring there are no cords where
they have to walk, and having
nightlights in case they get up
in the middle of the night to use
the bathroom. Grab bars and
non-slip mats in the shower, and
handrails on staircases, are also
good preventative measures to
have in place. It’s also a good idea
to have a cordless phone handy, in
case they fall and need assistance
getting up again.
UPMC Centers for Rehab Services’
vestibular rehabilitation program
can help you feel like yourself
again. To make an appointment
or for more information, call
1-888-723-4CRS (4277) or visit
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