Senior Citizen's Guide to Washington County Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 6

4 Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Washington County
Sample Exercises for the Couch:
• Armchair Curls
– Use small hand weights to do
a modest arm curl. If you don’t have weights,
improvise by using soda cans or small household
gadgets that weigh approximately the same.
• Reclining Row Boat
– Place a resistance band
under one leg of the couch and sit in front of it.
Use the band to pull yourself up bringing your
elbows up toward your shoulders.
• Home Heel Raise
- Place a heavier object on
your lap and practice raising your heels while you
sit. This is a great way to tone the calves and
thigh muscles.
• Sofa Stretch
– Assume yoga-like poses by
bringing your arms high above your head and
count to 10. Breathe in and slowly exhale. This
will help improve circulation while lowering blood
Go Digital with Your Workouts:
Tune into your local TV listings for fitness shows. There
are a wide variety of classes from aerobics to Zumba, the
latest fitness craze. With laptops, the computer screen
becomes a TV and the myriad of fitness programs you
can download off the Internet are endless. Many digital
TV programs also offer satellite music stations so you
can find the soundtrack of your generation and dance to
music that suits your style.
Malls are great indoor places to stay active. Many
senior citizen groups have regular mall walks on certain
days of the week. Check your local community calendar
for free senior fitness programs. Bring a buddy with
you. Having someone with you to talk to will help with
motivation and keep you on track.
For light outdoor or in-home exercise, there are
many ways to get fit by just doing the things you love.
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