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Active Older Americans Embrace RV Travel

A new generation of active older Americans is embracing recreation vehicles (RVs) as the ideal way to travel conveniently and affordably. Seniors find that today's RVs make travel and camping comfortable and extremely accommodating, even for those with physical restrictions. RV travelers enjoy home comforts like queen-size beds, central air, and heat. Many of these "condos-on-wheels" have slideout rooms that expand the interior space by about one-third at a push of a button. On-board closets and storage space eliminate the need to pack, unpack, and carry bulky suitcases. Fully-equipped kitchens help older RVers follow special diets and vacation more economically by avoiding fast-food eateries and high-priced restaurants.

RVing is a fun and economical way to see the country and meet new people. Midlife and older adults want to expand their experiences through travel, and RVs are a very convenient and hassle-free alternative in today's travel climate.

RV travel fosters a sense of community, offering mature travelers a valuable network of friends who share common interests. Especially popular among seniors are camping clubs, which provide an active social network on the road. Camping clubs hold annual conventions, regional rallies, camp gatherings, and other events to bring RVers together. Examples include the Good Sam Club, Family Campers and RVers, Family Motor Coach Association, and Escapees RV Club.

Whether it's for impromptu getaways or "snowbird" trips to warmer climates, older RVers enjoy RV parks and campgrounds with expanded facilities offering activities like golf, tennis, exercise classes, crafts, and social events. While on the road, many seniors use their RVs as guest houses while visiting friends and family, as well as to pursue hobbies ranging from antiquing to sightseeing.

In addition to the comfort and flexibility of RV traveling, seniors appreciate the affordability factor. According to a vacation cost comparison study by PKF Consulting, RV owners can spend up to 70 percent less on RV trips compared to similar vacations involving planes, cars, hotels and restaurants—even factoring in ownership costs. Average campground fees of approximately $23—significantly less than the $92 average hotel cost—account for much of the savings.

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