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Adult Education
Try It...You'll Like It!

Did you ever wonder what young people have today that you don't, besides all of their hair and knee joints that don't crack when bending over to pet the cat? Well, I'll tell you. It's called ongoing education.

Young people are like dry sponges soaking up everything new around them, thereby enriching their lives daily through their natural curiosities.

Aging is a lifelong process and should be recognized as such. But why stop that curiosity—ever??? Keep it going and active. Lifelong learning should be an integral part of your life. It should encompass all areas including physical, psychological, cultural, spiritual, political, and financial among others. All these factors combine to keep you aware of what is happening in this fast—paced new millennium. This can all aid in lifelong growth and the development of you as an individual. You may need a bit of initiative, but your curiosity will pay off in the long run.

Make a concerted effort toward self-development and improvement. This can be done through lifelong education, upgrading skills, and a healthy lifestyle. You will thank yourself in the end. Who knows, you may even find a new purpose for life and a new liveliness in your step. Get excited about something "NEW" and forget that "OLD" word. Just get out of the house and try it!

You, too, can recapture that youthful glow of your past by opening up your mind and enjoying new experiences. A wealth of ways are available for you to expand your horizons and open up your mind. In the Senior Citizen's Guide alone there are just some of the many different possibilities out there. Check one out today.

You can take a ride on the World Wide Web and chat with people from your Motherland, your grandchildren, children, and friends; experiment with a new recipe or try a new-fangled way to prepare your favorite recipe; research that prescription the doctor just gave you; or play interactive games. Check out your local library for computer training availability.
The potentials out there are as expansive as your free time allows, and oh so rewarding.

For example, my cousin, has been researching our family tree through the beautiful and easily accessible technology of the Internet. This will be a family keepsake for many generations to come.

How about taking an adult education course? Colleges and universities all over the world are just waiting for people like you who have some extra time on their hands. The courses could be non-credit or credit. Sometimes, you can even audit regular undergraduate classes at reduced rates. It all depends on the institution. These courses are very affordable and allow you the chance to meet new friends that share your interests and ideas. You also get the opportunity to be in touch with the younger generation and bridge the gap. All generations have something to share. Check it out.

Saw some logs. No, don't go out and join a logging camp in Alaska, but enjoy forty winks in a hammock beside your new flower garden. You say, "Well, I don't have a flower garden." I say, "Well plant one." Gardening is good for the soul and extremely rewarding. Not only will you have your own little field of dreams in your own back yard, but soon you'll be identifying the various butterflies and hummingbirds that will visit daily to nourish themselves on the succulent nectars from your own self-styled garden of paradise.

Take a journey out of your living room and learn a new language. Through adult education, anything is possible. I know that I would love to learn to speak Italian. I would reacquaint myself with the opera and actually understand what all of the excitement is about. Or how about trying a wine tasting class or a travel course?

Time is a precious commodity. And through the graces of retirement, you probably have some extra time on your hands. So, don't let the dust settle around you. Get up and go!

Maybe we will meet sometime in a class. Ciao!

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