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Enjoy Rving!

Follow the sun. For months at a time. Savor travel's pleasures. Make new friends, or connect with old ones. Visit family. As our age increases, so, too, do our opportunities to experience all that RVing has to offer. Today's seniors, and Boomers, are zestfully on the go, and RVs can take them wherever their hearts desire.

Thousands are part-time RV users, weekend and vacation travelers, or seasonal "snowbirds." Thousands more – some estimates go as high as a million – live full time in their RVs.

Seniors and Boomers find today's RVs make travel and camping comfortable and extremely accommodating, even for those with physical restrictions. RV travelers enjoy home comforts like queen-sized beds and central air and heat. Many of these "condos-on-wheels" have slideout rooms that expand their interior space by about one-third at the push of a button. On-board closets and storage space eliminate the need to pack, unpack and carry bulky suitcases. Fully equipped kitchens help older RVers follow special diets and vacation more economically by avoiding fast-food eateries and high-priced restaurants.

RV travel fosters a sense of community, offering mature travelers a valuable network of friends who share common interests. Especially popular among seniors are camping clubs, which provide an active social network on the road. Camping clubs hold annual conventions, regional rallies, campouts and other events to bring RVer's together.

While not everyone can backpack or tent-camp, anyone can enjoy outdoor living at a campground with an RV. And with so many RVs from which to choose, from Type A motorhomes to truck campers, there are models available to fit every lifestyle and interest. Many RV campgrounds offer expanded facilities and a variety of activities such as golf, tennis, tours, and social events.

Strong RV Market Growth Forecasted

Despite the rise in gas prices, demand for RVs will continue to grow during the next decade, due to favorable population trends and purchase intentions, the study found.

By 2010, RVs will be owned by 8.5 million households. The enormous baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age and is expected to continue dominating the RV market, the study forecasts.

Baby boomers have begun entering the prime age range—55 to 64—with the highest ownership rates, according to the study. Today one-in-10 vehicle-owning households in that age group own at least one RV.

In addition, purchase intentions are higher now compared to what the study found in 2001 and 1997. Two-thirds of current owners plan to purchase another RV. Among households that have never owned an RV, more than one in six expressed interest in buying one in the future. Among all U.S. households, nearly one quarter (23 percent) intend to purchase an RV in the future.

The relaxed RV lifestyle can help add years to your life – and zest to those years.

There are 3,679,182 square miles to see in America. And no better way to see them than in an RV!

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