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Seniors, Explore the Net!

Many seniors are being exposed to astounding new technology for the first time. The "information age" has provided a wide range of devices and services to improve the lives of seniors-from motorized carts to programmable phones to on-line information sources. However, it is the Internet that has taken center stage. The Internet opens doors to vast resources and allows seniors to exchange thoughts and information with other seniors all over the world.

How can seniors and family caregivers use this ever-advancing technology to improve their lives? By taking simple steps to propel themselves into the information age: Take a computer class, go to the library, or, sit down with a computer-savvy 10-year old! Families can spend time teaching computer basics to parents and grandparents. Seniors can find computers, as well as resources for learning how to use them, at libraries and senior centers.

Many seniors get interested in computers because their families and friends are on-line and the Internet is an easy, inexpensive way to stay in touch. Those who aren't able to get out and about as much as they like find a wealth of information, entertainment and virtual experiences at home and as close as their computer screens. Seniors find answers to questions about health issues, Social Security benefits and community services as well as tips on everything from gardening to caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease. As the Internet becomes even more widely used, it can help seniors to help themselves by staying connected with resources, their families and each other.

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