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As a social worker who has spent all of his adult life (26 years) working with senior adults, I have become aware of the senior consumer's needs. Prior to my career placement in gerontology in 1975, I thought a "senior" was an individual that was 50 years old and loved to sit in a ROCKING CHAIR and rock those retirement years away. Like I stated, that was past thinking—now my concept of a senior adult has completely changed!

Today's seniors are more active and they have more energy, spirit, and resources than ever. Working with the senior population, especially in Allegheny County (which is the second largest per capita of senior adults in relationship to the total county population in the country), you can really learn quite a bit from the golden generation.

The key word to describe seniors is ACTIVE. Whether the programs are sponsored by a sub-contractor of the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging (the primary sponsor of senior programs in our county) or a community or religious based program, all have very much to offer our distinguished citizens.

One can travel this county and find seniors participating in senior center activities that range from crafts to computers. From health care symposiums to fitness. There is something for everyone. You can find acting classes and choral groups, ballroom and line dancing, job and volunteer opportunities, and much more! Senior centers also offer lectures on nutrition, finanical matters, and other retirement issues as well as trips to points of special interest in this place that we call "home".

Many different activities are sponsored by the aforementioned groups, but all share one theme: they offer programs that enhance the mind, body, and spirit of seniors. Everyday, you see special programs listed that are directed to seniors as well as articles about their accomplishments. No matter what life has taught them, seniors are still willing to try new ideas and willing to share their knowledge with others, especially younger generations.

The senior centers of today are different than those of the past. These centers are evolving by planning programs that help to meet the needs of our ever-changing society. Learning to use a computer and to access the Internet, sending e-mail, making your own greeting cards, and many other fun and practical activities are offered. In addition, there are activities that are more physically challenging.

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