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'When I'm Sixty Four'
Getting Involved with Your Local Senior Center

In the Sixties, The Beatles posed the question in a song: "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"

They were such kids then that age 64 seemed to be, well, OLD! It seemed frail and lonely. But what do kids know? Consider THIS: Two years from now Paul McCartney, himself, will be eligible to attend a senior center! If he asked "Why go to a center, anyway?", what would you say? If you said "Why NOT?" you might hear get LOTS of objections. For example:

"I already know everyone there. I grew up with them."
A senior center is a place where old friends gather, but it is also a place to meet new people. With centers throughout Allegheny County, at least ONE will introduce you to someone new! So cross that river.attend a center in a new part of town!

"There's nothing to do ( but play Bingo.)."
Some centers sponsor Bingo, yes, but they also sponsor a huge variety of activities. Try oil painting, computer classes, or join a low-impact aerobics class!

"I won't like the food."
Where else can you get a good hot lunch for such a bargain? Get the menu, and try a favorite!

"I can't go every day."
That means you've got an active life! So go whenever you want: once a day, once a week, or once a month.

"I can't just 'play.' I'm used to working."
You can work. Centers have many opportunities to volunteer in meaningful roles. Be a greeter, work at a computer, serve as an escort, garden around the center, or deliver meals to homes!

"Old people go there."
Only persons over the age of 60 are eligible, but that's middle age, no? And you're only as old as you feel! (Anyway, who wants to hang out with someone who doesn't even know the Andrew Sisters? ).

So be our guest, and come visit a senior center. Relive memories? Yes, but more importantly.. make new ones!

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