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They Dare to Write

Each week I meet with the Writers of the Round Table of Bradley Beach. Each week they sit around a round table with notebooks and pens in hand. Each week they do not know what will be said or what ideas will be presented. Their writing adventure continues as it has for the past several years. They are unafraid as they travel down the road of unknowns.

I must tell you about these writers of the round table. I see them as warriors, as heroes, as role models. I would like you to know them, perhaps not as well as I do, but at least well enough to understand what they are attempting to do. Know that each of them has been published in newspapers and magazines.

Ruth Abramowitz is in her mid-eighties. She is writing essays and stories about her growing up years. She is putting together a book, a history of her family and of herself (including the day she had her tonsils removed on the kitchen table). It will be her journey through life. She talks of this book with the energy of a teenager. Wisdom will live in its pages.

Milton Edelman is a professional photographer and writer. He too is in his eighties. Still taking photographs. Still capturing beauty and history wherever he finds it. Milton can say everything in two lines of writing. We call them Miltonisms.

Ann Marzano is approaching eighty. She has a way of summing up life that deepens one's understanding of it. When Ann reads her work, we listen carefully because we know somewhere along the way we will learn something about ourselves we did not know before.

George Moffett is in his mid seventies. He writes about feelings. His own and those of others. His words offer hope and a sensitivity that few men would admit. He is not afraid to write about crying and to admit that he does.

Elia Reyes is in her eighties . She has often documented our meetings. Eagerly taking notes of what we have said and discussed and debated. She captures this in her trusty notebook. No one asked that she do this, but she thought it valuable to keep what was discovered at the Round Table.

Lee Anderson, in her mid eighties, has a keen eye for detail. She will take a subject and dig into it until we know as much as she does, (such as what happens to the leftover food in food markets-where does it go?). She writes about things not everyone takes time to think about, as she tries to understand the world.

Veronica Lake is an artist. She also paints with words. She is the youngest of the group, approaching her older years. With her artist's eye, she tells a story that comes to life. It becomes a portrait of truth.

Each week they come together. They believe they have something to offer, to share. Everyone around the table speaks openly about their feelings. And later they write about them and read their works aloud. No matter how many or how few attend, they write, they share, they trust and they deliver their messages. To each other. And then to the public. They do this in spite of health issues that might shadow their days. In spite of loneliness that might haunt their nights. In spite of the frustrations of aging. Of being thought of as old. Of being thought of as unimportant. Of being lumped together as "seniors."

Through it all, they write. They write because they deserve to be heard. They write because they have something important to say. They write because they have young minds that refuse to surrender. They write because they have the courage to be honest about themselves and about the world in which they live.

Each week, on a Wednesday morning, these writers gather in a circle around a table. And soar as high as their minds will take them. Wherever you are, whatever day you choose, perhaps you could also.

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