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Aging in Place

In an AARP survey, 85% of senior homeowners stated that they would like to continue to live in their own home, independently for as long as possible. It is our goal to assist these homeowners in achieving their goal to live independently and with security in their own home.

A reverse mortgage specialist can be a part of a comprehensive plan that combines financial, community, and business resources. A reverse mortgage can provide the funds necessary to allow many homeowners to achieve their goal of remaining in their own home.

To continue to live in your own home there are many things you may want to consider.

Financial/Legal Arrangements

• Will
• Living Will, Living Trust
• Power of Attorney
• Prepaid funeral plan
• Check and monitor investments
• Complete financial plan
• Reverse mortgage

Home Safety Check and Options

• Check for loose rugs or uneven steps
• Make sure handrails are secure
• Check lighting (an unlit stairwell is very dangerous)
• Make sure smoke detectors are in good working order

Additional Safety Options to Consider

• Carbon monoxide detector
• An emergency response system or call button
• Walk in shower or tub
• Hand grips in the tub and shower area
• Raised toilet seat
• Lift chairs
• Stair lifts

Home Modifications

• Improved kitchen function
• Enlarge Halls and doorways
• New bathroom on first floor
• New bedroom on first floor

In Home Assistance

• Home Healthcare
• Housekeeping assistance
• Lawn Maintenance
• Bill paying assistance

Example of Aging in Place

Mr. & Mrs. Erickson are both 72 and living in their home. Everything was fine until Mr. Erickson had health issues that made it difficult to get up the steps to his bedroom. Mr. & Mrs. Erickson reviewed their financial situation and decided that the best way for them to secure their future was to obtain a reverse mortgage. They were able to pay off their small existing mortgage, relieving them of a mortgage payment and they obtained the money to add a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor of their home. The balance of the funds available from the reverse mortgage were left in a line of credit so that they would have the money when they needed it in the future.

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