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Keys to a Successful Transition

Action Steps Toward Your New Life:

  1. R. B. D.- Relocation By Design

Design a Plan and an exit strategy... with your Realtor, your Transitions Manager, your lawyer, your CPA; all the professionals you count on and work it....getting the right help is important at the start.

  1. D.O.S.-Downsize, Organize and Strategize

The 1 year rule of thumb. Put a plan into action 1 year before listing your home, or sooner.  The amount of time and energy you dedicate to this depends on your other obligations, health and energy level. However, If you do not focus on this it will catch up with you....and you will run out of time.

Behaviors to Be Aware of:

Denial and Procrastination Creates Crisis. Bottom line, number one reason for life going sour.

Stop (Accumulating). Put the money you would normally spend on more 'stuff' aside in a separate bank account  to purchase new things you want after your move.

Beware the Arm Chair Professional: The friend, family member- offering advice in your time of transition and accompanying decision making. It takes in depth assessment and time. Maintain Perspective. A professional transitions manager is tested in their craft and has to hold their own in a very competitive market. Ask for and call professional references. We are here for a reason.

  1. L.B.Y.L.- Live by your List

Write it all down. At first, generalize, then get specific as you work your plan. Who (to give to) ,What ( to move or give), When( to do it all,) Where ( to move, etc. ) Why ( All the reasons) This is your business plan for your future. When in doubt, read it for affirmation.

  1. H.O.H- Hire Objective Help.

Family can be helpful, but perhaps not objective from either side, to see you through the process without undue stress. The burden of change is yours.  Hire an experienced, professional Transitions manager, downsizer who can work with you to assess your situation, develop a plan, contact the right professionals for you.such as auction houses, charities, etc.;go through your stuff with you, pack it up as you go, work with you to find the right moving company, manage the move itself, and get you set up afterwards AND sell your stuff. This is the person who sees you through the confusion and keeps you on target. Your right hand, and extra brain. Your project manager during this big change in your life!

  1. S.Y.S.- Sell Your Stuff

With the help of a professional, you can sell almost anything that you decide you do not want to relocate with you. Everything from furnishings, valuables, art, to tools to "throw aways"....With the money made, buy new furnishings for your new home, pay for your move or go on an adventure!

Keep it Simple: The old adage, but in times of big change, always the best policy. Move Fewer Things, Add more later, according to your plan.

Live Happy, Live Well!

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