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Elder Care Management
Individualized Solutions for the Family

Shared Stories

“….I don’t remember when my Mom first started to have so much trouble with her memory. I think she’s tried to hide it from me and my sister. Now she is forgetting her grandchildren’s faces and even mine.”

“Dad refuses to give up his driving license. His eyesight and reflexes are failing. My brother and I have pleaded with him for months. He doesn’t want to ask us for a ride every time he wants to get together with friends for coffee or needs to go to the doctor. But he could hurt himself or others. What do we do?”

“My husband has always worked hard to get the job done, but since he had a stroke, now he doesn’t have the same balance. I’m worried about him. I think he is going to fall without using a walker, but he insists he doesn’t need one.”

Different families, yet familiar stories of elders and their families needing to adjust to changes brought on by aging.

Elderhood: Startling Statistics

The U.S. Census estimates that over the next 30 years, the number of seniors aged 65+ will double from 40 million to 80 million. By the time the last baby boomer turns 65 in 2029, 1 in 5 Americans will be aged 65 years or older.

With increasing life expectancy, almost all of us will provide care for an aging loved one, whether it is a parent, spouse, or another relative. These responsibilities can be stressful. The current health care system is difficult to navigate, options confusing, and resources hard to find. You need answers and solutions, but don’t know where to turn.

Elder Care Management Provides Solutions

Elder Care Management is a comprehensive service designed to support older individuals in their desire to continue living in their own homes or in other settings with maximum independence and dignity. Sometimes called Geriatric Care Management or Senior Care Management, this set of services is designed for individuals 60+ years of age and their families. Whether an elder is aging at home, in an Assisted Living Facility, Continuing Care Retirement Community, or Skilled Nursing Home, Elder Care Management provides practical support and caring options to manage the many issues that develop as we age.

Elder Care Management begins with a thorough individualized assessment by a professional Elder Care Manager, focusing on your older relative’s current physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and social health, as well as safety in the current environment. This assessment identifies and emphasizes the individual’s strengths and becomes the basis for a set of recommendations and a personalized plan of care.

The Care Plan involves ongoing communication by the Care Manager with the family, and ensures that all appropriate services are in place and contributing fully to the individual’s well-being.

The Care Manager can arrange and coordinate services including:

Professional Elder Care Managers are licensed nurses and social workers with expertise in aging. Their professional training and certification ensure the knowledge and skills necessary to address the physical, cognitive, emotional, medical, and social needs of elders.

Elder Care Managers are accessible to the client and family 24/7. They advocate for their clients with primary care physicians, specialists, and other members of the health care team, to ensure that timely health care is coordinated. They can accompany individuals to medical appointments, review and recommend improvements in care for those in assisted living and nursing facilities, and advocate for individuals during crises such as hospitalization.

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