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Fraud Against Seniors
Don't Fall Prey to Insurance Fraud

Among seniors, there are two general types of insurance fraud. The first can occur when someone tries to sell you life or health insurance that seems too good to be true. The second is when someone tries to take advantage of you by charging Medicare for more services than you received. Here's how you can fight insurance fraud.

If you are thinking of buying life or health insurance, take your time. Be sure to compare benefits and prices before buying insurance. Talk to your friends or family, or a trusted accountant, attorney, or financial adviser. Be especially wary of a salesperson or telephone caller who:

Check your medical bills. If you receive a bill for services you did not receive or its costs exceed what you were told, contact the Maryland Senior Medicare Patrol at the Maryland Department of Aging at 800-243-3425 or 410-767-1100 or

For more unbiased information on all types of insurance products, see the Maryland Insurance Administration on-line at, or by contacting us at 410-468-2000 or 1-800-492-6116 for a list of brochures.

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