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Helpful Tips for Improved Communication and Hearing

Many Americans suffer from hearing loss and may not be aware of it. Further, many do realize their hearing may be impaired, but do not see a specialist because they are not aware of new strides in hearing instrument technology. Many do not realize that hearing instruments are now much smaller, less visible and more cosmetically appealing!

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, it is time to consider scheduling a hearing evaluation:

• People are mumbling
• You have to increase the volume on the TV or radio
• You cannot hear clearly on the telephone
• You have difficulty hearing in entertainment venues
• You have difficulty communicating in noisy environments
• Family and friends often need to repeat themselves
• You have difficulty following conversations in meetings or other gatherings
• You are avoiding social activities because it’s difficult to communicate

Hearing instruments can solve many of these issues. The decision to get hearing instruments is an important, personal matter. There are many different kinds of hearing instruments available in a wide range of prices. Digital hearing instrument technology has advanced to the point that audiologists are able to program hearing instruments to help you hear better in various listening environments, such as noisy restaurants and family gatherings. Wireless technology is also available to improve telephone and TV use. Hearing instruments have become much smaller in size and, therefore, are more cosmetically appealing. You are far more likely to succeed with hearing instruments if you have thorough information and know what to expect before a selection is made and an order is placed.

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