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Beware of Phone Calls Offering “Free” Diabetic Supplies

Across the US, consumers are receiving phone calls from companies offering “free” diabetic testing supplies, such as glucose meters or testing strips, to people who are on Medicare. The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program would like to warn Medicare beneficiaries that these calls are fraudulent, and many consumers have been scammed. After offering the “free” supplies, the caller asks the person for a Medicare or Social Security number—this is a clear sign of fraud. Here are some reasons why:

In order to avoid getting scammed, we recommend the following:

  1. If you need diabetic supplies, contact your doctor to obtain a prescription and find a legitimate supplier in your area. All health care that Medicare covers should be ordered by your doctor. If you accept services that have not been ordered by your doctor, you could be putting your health in danger.

  2. Never give your Medicare or Social Security numbers away to anyone who calls you on the phone or comes to the door – legitimate companies and organizations will never ask for this information unless YOU call THEM.

  3. If you give personal information away to someone who calls you on the phone or comes to your door, contact your local SMP Program to report it. If you do not report an experience like this, it can lead to false billing on your Medicare account, false information in your medical records, and/or identity theft!
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