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Thousands of Americans and visitors to the U.S. are boarding Amtrak trains these days. One major section of our population, the senior citizens, have found a new and exciting way to enjoy their vacation time and that’s by joining an escorted rail tour.

These escorted rail tours are very attractive to seniors. For many it is too taxing to fly or drive long distances to enjoy and experience America’s national parks, majestic mountains, lakes and oceans and many other tourist attractions.

The train offers an environmentally responsible and very safe, secure and comfortable way to travel. For many senior citizens, train travel also brings to life fond memories of childhood travel with their parents and families aboard a train.

What's so special about an escorted rail tour?

“You have as much fun getting where you’re going, as you do when you get there!” said one escorted rail tour industry leader. “You're not confined to your seat as in a car, motor coach or a plane.  You're free to stroll about the train, visiting the sightseer lounge car. The upper level of the sightseer lounge car provides a wonderful panoramic view of the passing scenery. The lower level is great for refreshments and snacks, playing games or simply quiet time for reading a great novel.”

Escorted rail tour operators take care of all the details so you're free to sit back and enjoy the endless awesome scenery that rolls by your wide train window . . . at SEE LEVEL! Full-course meals in the dining car are another enjoyable aspect of traveling on long-distance trains. Private-room sleeping accommodations are included or are available on all overnight trains. You'll have privacy when you want it in the daytime and comfortable, restful sleep at night. And many tour operators offer the choice of riding coach overnight for extra savings.

Rail tour companies provide services that go beyond the old Greyhound saying “Leave the driving to us.” Rail tour companies are telling potential customers to “leave all the arrangements to us.” And travelers – especially seniors – are responding.

These experienced professionals make all arrangements for transportation, hotels, sightseeing and meals. Professional experienced Tour Directors are with you throughout your tour to handle all details and the hassles of traveling, allowing you to have a fun-filled, carefree vacation. You'll also enjoy the camaraderie of interesting persons from all sections of the U.S. who share your enthusiasm for travel.

Sampling of destinations:

The Northwest, California, Branson, San Antonio, New England, New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah are popular destination as well as the majestic beauty of our national parks.

Tour companies also use Amtrak to get them as close as possible to the major national parks such as Glacier, which is directly on the Empire Builder line; Yosemite near the San Joaquin route, and the Grand Canyon, not far from the famous Santa Fe tracks.

And these tour companies also take clients across the border to the Canadian Rockies, near the Pacific Ocean and Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic Ocean. They also offer escorted rail tours across the country to board cruise ships in the Atlantic, Pacific or Caribbean where travelers enjoy both the fun and excitement of the rail plus the pampering given by the cruise lines.

One escorted rail tour company even offers travelers a chance to participate in an all-rail tour - with every night and day aboard the train. These rail tours appeal to train buffs, seniors with mobility problems and those who just want to sit back, relax and watch our nation go by.

How do these escorted rail tour companies prepare you for your trip?

Before Departing

Once on the Road

It’s time to call your favorite travel agent or rail tour company and declare, “All aboard!”

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