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SRES: Real Estate Specialists
Dedicated to Serving Seniors Like You!

No matter where you are in life, take a minute to consider this question:

HOW MANY Seniors and Boomers have touched your life to date?

How many could you name in the next 60 seconds? Try it. Ready, set, START! ....Perhaps you are one yourself? If so, add your name to Your List.

Here’s the start of My List…Elmer, Elizabeth, William, Sophie, Buferd, Schmo, Eleanor, Halford, Doug, Bernice, Ruth, Lyd, June, Leroy, John, Judy, Robert, A.J., Bill, Joanne, Jack, Carl, Cherryl, Miriam, Jerry, Julie, Denny, Lois, Elsie, Betty, Richard, Vi, Tom, Dorothy, Joseph, Lottie, Carolynn, Ken, Inge, Lou, Lill, Cora, Ignacio, Greg, Margie, Erv, Alfreda, Kay, Phil…

But I’m going to need A LOT longer than 60 seconds to finish it!

Now ask yourself the following:

In HOW MANY immeasurable ways have these Seniors and Boomers made your life: Better? Stronger? Richer? Wiser? More confident? Happier? More diverse? More loved?

In my life, both personally and professionally, seniors and boomers are the treasures and friends and inspiration that have made my life full and have made my life complete.

If you think about it and feel the same way, don’t you believe, too, that they deserve the very best that any industry has available to serve and protect their unique interests and needs?

An Introduction to the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES):

Real estate is a well known industry and profession. However, there is a dedicated and caring specialty within that profession that many are just learning about: The Seniors Real Estate Specialist, also known as an SRES.

But is there really a difference? In short, YES!

An SRES is not your average Realtor. Nor your average Professional. They have made an Investment. They have made a Commitment. And they have (especially) made a Choice.

The SRES Investment

To acquire specialized training in extensive and relevant areas of value to Seniors and Boomers both. To study these areas and stay knowledgeable, focused, and current to best serve these needs. To invest the time and resources needed to stay a Member of Good Standing in the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council and the Local Communities where you live, work, play, and volunteer.

The SRES Commitment

To give you the extra time, understanding, knowledge, expertise, listening, communications, and SERVICE you deserve.

The SRES Choice

To specifically serve YOU.

But how do we as SRES Professionals put all of that into action and serve your unique Real Estate and Housing interests and needs?

FIRST, we do it by studying Areas of Expertise and Services that others do not.

SECOND, we do it by creating and affiliating ourselves to an amazing team of likewise Specialized Professionals who will work with us, together, to be a part of the solution that is customized and right for you. The List of those contacts is long, but we have a lot of ideas, resourcefulness, and Specialized Professionals ready to work with us to help you with your—or your family member’s—unique housing needs:

• Estate Planning and Trusts
• In-Home Caregivers
• Rehab Facilities
• Outpatient Physical Therapy Specialists
• Senior Outings, Groups, Activities, and FUN!
• Charitable Organizations
• Senior Classes and Ongoing Education
• Veteran & Veteran Family Needs
• AARP Resources
• Insurance (Long Term Health Care and more)
• Senior Centers
• And MORE….
• Traditional Financing
• Reverse Mortgage Financing
• Veteran (VA Financing)
• FHA Financing
• Estate Sales
• Moving
• Downsizing
• Staging
• Home Inspectors
• Contractors for Minor Repairs
• Short-Term or Long-Term Storage
• Relocations
• Real Estate Attorneys

THIRD, we do it by specializing in the unique Types of Housing and Communities that many Seniors, Boomers, and their Families desire most.

Housing Interests for YOU are Our Areas of Expertise!

Aging In Place?

• Ranch Homes
• Traditional Homes with Main Floor Master Bedrooms and Bath
• Downsizing and Estate Sales
• Homes with Exterior Maintenance (Lawn Care, Snow Shoveling, etc.)
• Homes Near Community Senior Centers

Senior Communities And Assisted Living?

• Independent Living Senior Communities
• Assisted/Supportive Living Communities
• Continuum of Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
• Respite Care

Multi-generational living?

• Homes with Multiple Master Bedrooms
• Homes Near Train Stations and Transportation Needs for Work
• Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Options
• Homes with Extra Parking Options

Baby Boomers And Pre-Retirement Adults?

• Ready to Retire and Find or Build Your Dream Home?
• Empty-Nesters?
• Kids Done with College? (Hooray!)
• Thinking about Snowbirding Part of the Year (to Florida, Arizona, or Elsewhere?)
• 55+ Active Life Style Communities
• Investment Properties, 1031 Exchanges
• Interested in Relocating to Live Closer to the Kids and Grandkids?

Families Of Seniors And Boomers?

• Estate Sales
• Coordination with Out-of-Town Family Members Responsible for these Needs
• First Time Homebuying and Financing for Grandkids
• Reverse Mortgage Assistance

FINALLY, we bring it all together with the sincere passion and personal stories that inspired each one of us as an SRES to want to work with—and for—Seniors and Boomers in the first place. This is the REAL foundation and spirit that will deliver to you the results and service that will allow you to know that you have chosen a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. We truly love what we do!

As we age, we demand Specialists in our Health needs, so why not in our Housing and Equity needs as well? When it comes to your own Real Estate or Housing needs as a Senior, or those of your Loved Ones who have always done the best for you, please consider the specialized services of an SRES. We are here to serve and work with you in a private, personal, patient, and practical way. We have specialized training, expertise, and extensive Senior and Boomer Resources within our Professional Network. Perhaps most importantly, we have a passion to give you the Customer Care and Results you truly deserve. Our Return Clients and Referrals from other Seniors and Boomers especially mean the world to us. And working with an SRES will take you back to a time when Customer Care and Customer Relationships meant everything.

Please consider choosing a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) for All of your Housing and Real Estate needs.

One thing you will know from the start…we have already chosen YOU!

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