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The Medical Consumer:
Testing the Heart

Nothing can quicken the pulse of a caregiver more effectively than being told their loved one needs to take one of the many diagnostic tests available for heart disease. After all, why would a doctor order a test in the first place if something wasn't amiss?

In fact, doctors order diagnostic tests for a host of reasons. They may simply be motivated by the desire to rule out a condition, rather than confirm it. Regardless, they turn to diagnostic tests because they believe that testing will produce the additional insight they need to hone in on a specific course of treatment.

As a caregiver, you should first ask your loved one's physician why they ordered the test and what they hope to find out. Then you should educate yourself about the test your loved one will be getting. Here are thumbnail descriptions of some of the most common ones:

As a caregiver, you may be naturally anxious about what these tests might reveal about your loved one's health. Regardless of the results, the information you gain can help you make decisions that more effectively ensure your loved one will enjoy the best possible quality of life.

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