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Downsizing to Upscale Living

Change. Why do so many of us fear change? It’s just something different…something new. Yet, the thought of it can create much anxiety. This definitely relates to when we begin to think about downsizing our home to something we can manage more easily.
When is it time to think about taking this giant step? It is different for everyone.

Sometimes it’s when we can no longer do the stairs because our knees and hips don’t work so well. Maybe we no longer have the energy or the desire to keep up the yard work. Perhaps an event occurs that affects health, and we are forced to make a quick decision. Often children strongly recommend the need for a lifestyle change to their parents. Sometimes parents resent this suggestion. However, children see more clearly the struggle their parents are facing, the decline in health possibly, and they are truly worried.

Is preparation for this change stressful? You bet! We go through a myriad of emotions. There is fear of the unknown, or maybe there is no longer a spouse to help with decisions. The most overwhelming thought is how do we get rid of all our “stuff?” We all have lots of “stuff.” Ask your children, or other family members and friends if there is anything they may want. Do not have your feelings hurt if they refuse things; after all, they have plenty of furniture themselves, or perhaps your style furniture just doesn’t fit their décor. You can sell some of your “stuff,” donate it, have a tag sale, or have an auction.

Humans are resistant to change, but we can conform. And it’s not the end. Quite the contrary, it’s a new beginning. You may feel a little sad leaving the place that held many happy memories… that’s normal. On the positive side, things will be easier now. Move forward! You will finally have time to do all the things you’ve wanted to do. You can make new friends and enjoy life to its fullest. Don’t wait too long. Do it while you feel good and still have a zest for life. I am witness to this newfound freedom and happy lifestyle every day as I work in a senior community. Life is good! Don’t be afraid! Go for it!

Editorial provided by Joanne Bartos, Marketing Director at Athenian Village.

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