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Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Recovering from post acute orthopedic procedures, strokes, cardiac procedures and the like is emotionally and physically draining to both patients and their families. It can take months before patients are fully able to resume normal activity and extensive rehabilitation or lifestyle changes may be necessary. As managed care companies seek greater control over length of hospital stays, some patients are discharged before they are physically ready to go home. This can result in frequent readmissions that are costly to the patient and the hospital.

A short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility for patients who need therapy before returning home, provides physical, occupational and speech therapy, and can specialize in stroke rehabilitation, orthopedic services, cardiac recovery services, wound care, and more. Working with the patient, their family and physicians, a post- acute rehabilitation center develops a specialized recovery plan. The design of this plan is to set appropriate goals to return the patient to the highest level of independence as quickly as possible.

“Many people think that facilities like ManorCare North Olmsted provide nursing services only,” Administrator Dan Zawadzki said. “But that’s not true. We specialize in short-term rehabilitation services that can prove invaluable to the overall health and recovery of the patient.”

Physical therapy plays a critical role when patients transfer from a hospital to a facility for rehabilitation, as new restrictions or changing abilities affect endurance, strength and mobility. A post-acute rehabilitation center offers a wide range of ambulatory, endurance and repetitive therapies to help patients regain as much function as possible.

Education plays an equally important role in the recovery process. Patients must learn how to recognize when they are in trouble or over-exerting themselves. Frequently, common routines such as bathing or doing laundry must be modified to accommodate the patient’s cardiac capabilities.

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