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Healing During and After the Holidays

The holiday season is normally a time of joy, celebration, reflection and parties.  For families and individuals suffering loss of any kind, it can be grueling, painful and very challenging.  Whether the loss is employment, health, finances, a loved one or divorce, the change can prove unbearable.  It is in these difficult times, we must focus and redirect our attention to our priorities and core values.  When we experience death of a loved one, job loss or divorce, we too often suffer the loss of self-esteem and personal identity because we are often linked to associations/relationships outside of ourselves to define us. This separation can be painful.

We must “Work our Core”—
Working your “Core” refers to concentrating on your own values, priorities and identity.  This is not self-serving or selfish, it is survival and supportive of the spirit inside you.

Ten Tips on How to Heal During and After the Holidays:

Chuck Oakes is a Stephen Minister, an entertaining speaker, consultant and author on “Graceful Aging Matters”.  Blending his human resource background (with workers with disabilities and outplacement services), Chuck writes and gives presentations on “the challenges of change” and the ramifications of aging on employment, our society and families.  His latest book, MAKING YOUR HOME SENIOR-FRIENDLY, explores ways to support aging loved ones in their own homes with dignity and respect.  As a result of his endeavors, Chuck has been an Advisor to the President’s Council on Hiring Workers with Disabilities and is now a member of two committees at the United Nations. 

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