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Assisted Living
Tips for Choosing a Community

There are so many "Assisted Living Communities" how do I know which one is right for me? In fact, I am not sure I even know what an "Assisted Living Community" is.

You certainly are not alone if you have these questions! Assisted Living Communities are diverse and offer a wide variety of options, but this variety can provide challenges when you are seeking assisted living services. More importantly, however, variety allows you to find the community that is the right match for your individual needs, personality, and preferences.

What is Assisted Living?

The term "assisted living" is simply a marketing term. It is not defined in any Michigan law or regulation. Basically, assisted living refers to three living options: a licensed adult foster care home, a licensed home for the aged, or an unlicensed housing community. These three housing options may all refer to themselves as an assisted living community. The fact that one type of assisted living community is licensed and another is not does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other. It simply reflects state licensure requirements based on the services provided and who provides the services.

What Type of Assisted Living Community is Right for Me?

The best way to select an assisted living community is to plan in advance. Identify and discuss the options that are available in your area with family, friends, community members, and health care professionals. You will then likely want to visit a number of facilities. It is important to make several visits, at various times, to each residence you are seriously considering.

Things to Consider

Following is a checklist of important services and accommodations to consider when assessing an assisted living community


Physical Features

Service Plans, Contracts, Costs & Finances

Medication & Health Care

Services & Amenities

Individual Unit Features

Social and Recreational Activities

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