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Senior Citizen's Guide to Detroit

Emergency Preparedness Tips
for Senior Citizens

The four phases or pillars of the emergency management process consist of planning, response, recovery and mitigation. All four phases are interdependent, and generally one phase leads into the next, creating a constant cycle of a state of preparedness.

Using items already present in your own home, you can create simple plans and emergency kits to use and apply in almost every situation. The following is a list of steps that will assist you in taking care of yourself and your loved ones should the need ever arise.

Step #1 – Know What Can Happen

What types of incidents can happen in your area?

How am I warned of these incidents?


Step #2 – Make a Plan and Create a Checklist

Create an emergency plan

Create a checklist

Step #3 – Create an Emergency Kit

What to put in an emergency kit:

Step #4 – Practice and maintain your plan

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