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Are You Ready to Find Love with a Four-Legged Friend?

If you've ever experienced the gift of pet guardianship, you know there is nothing else like it. Pets bring loyalty, laughter, playfulness, and a sense of purpose to their family's life. They take you for walks, cuddle in your lap when you're having a hard day, and keep you entertained with their amusing antics.

For seniors especially, pets can benefit health, combat loneliness, and improve relationships with others. Whether you've been a lifetime pet parent, or pet guardianship is a new experience you're considering, there are many wonderful animals with different personalities and care needs that are looking for a great new home!

What are some benefits that a pet could bring to my life?

Once you decide to take on the responsibility of pet parenting, you might be thinking, "where do I start"?

Here are a few helpful suggestions to consider before adopting:

If you're not ready to make the long-term commitment of being a pet parent, you may also want to consider fostering an animal. Many animal welfare organizations and rescue groups are always in need of responsible, caring foster parents to provide short-term, in-home care for animals that may need a little extra time and care before being adopted. Many organizations will provide the supplies and training needed – you just provide the love!

If you are going to bring a pet into your life, please consider adopting from an animal shelter or rescue organization. Animals who find themselves in shelters are often there through no fault of their own – perhaps their owner passed away, or a job loss resulted in a change in lifestyle that couldn't accommodate the costs of pet care. Despite their change in circumstances, these animals are loving, genuine and filled with hope for a second chance. Changing the life of a homeless animal is an incredible feeling, and a wonderful gift to give.

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