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Making Surviving Survivable

TO MAKE SURVIVING SURVIVABLE for you and your loved ones requires that you share with your spouse/significant other, children/family members, or other trusted individuals, what they need to know to look after your affairs should you become unable to do so.

Some examples:

  1. Medical history, current medications, allergies, etc.

  2. Important contacts such as doctors, employer, pharmacy, family members, friends, financial and insurance advisors, home and auto service providers, pet care providers, etc.

  3. What financial, physical assets and liabilities you have, where they are and, in the case of financial items, who to contact and necessary account details. (Don’t forget to disclose where you keep your important information and, in the case of a safety deposit box, where it is and who is authorized to access it and how.)

  4. Your insurance policies (health, life, property, etc.) and how they are paid.

  5. Details relating to your income and how received, and details relating to your expenses and how payments are made.  Also, if you handle the majority of your affairs online or via software such as Quicken®, make sure that the person you authorize to handle your financial affairs is computer/Internet savvy and know pass codes, answers to secret questions, ET. Al.

  6. Where one can find your healthcare and financial powers of attorney, and will/trust.

  7. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure you handle the preceding before it is needed. Accidents and illnesses often occur unexpectedly so stop procrastinating!!!!

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