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Michigan’s Medicaid Home Help Services
A Consumer directed, independent living program.

What is the Home Help Services Program?

Home Help Services is a program administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS). It supports adults who wish to stay in their home but are in need of some assistance.  This program provides funding to hire in-home service Providers who can assist with daily activities, allowing people to remain in their own homes.

What kind of services can I get?

You may be able to get assistance with:

Would I be eligible to receive this service?

You may be eligible for Home Help Services if you qualify for Medicaid and need physical help to do some of the things listed above. You must get a Medical Needs Form (DHS-54A) signed by an approved Medicaid enrolled provider, indicating you need personal care, before payment for services can begin.  If you have high medical bills or a lot of personal care needs, you may be eligible for this service even if your income exceeds Medicaid standards. Ask a DHS Adult Services worker about the “deductible” and “personal care option”.

What services are not covered?

Services that you cannot receive through this program include:

Who provides the services?

You will find and employ your own Providers. Providers are not employed by DHS or the state of Michigan. Providers may be friends, relatives, employees of an agency, or an individual you have chosen through other means. Your spouse cannot be paid through this program.

How much are Providers paid?

The Adult Services worker, with you, will decide how much help you need every month. This is based on your physical and mental condition, as well as your home situation. The Adult Services worker will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the amount of time needed to complete each task.  The hourly rate of pay is based on the county in which you live.

How does the Provider receive their pay?

The Provider is paid monthly by a check from the State of Michigan.  This check is usually delivered to your home and signed by you, and your Provider, in order to be cashed.  Every three months the Provider must submit their work log, also signed by you, to your Adult Services Worker at DHS.

How do I apply for Home Help?

You or someone you have chosen to represent you can call or visit the Adult Services Unit of your local county Department of Human Services.

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