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Your Guide to Eating Out
Tips for Eating Healthfully

Whether it's a business meeting over lunch, dinner from a neighborhood carry-out, or a fast-food meal with the grandkids, eating out is a part of our lives. We eat out because it's easy, it's quick, and it's fun. But is it healthy?

It can be. Plan ahead, choose wisely, and you'll find foods that fit into your meal plan. You want healthy foods because you have diabetes—and you're not alone. More and more people want healthy food choices. Some are watching calories. Others want to keep their cholesterol under control or eat less fat.

Table Tips

Not everyone with diabetes has the same meal plan or the same nutrition goals. For some, cutting calories is most important. Others may need to avoid fat and salt and eat more foods high in fiber. Talk to your doctor and dietitian about your own goals. Ask about eating out. If you're planning a special occasion, ask about adding some special food items.

Here's how to order.

Some restaurants will better meet your special needs if you phone beforehand. When you make the reservation, ask if your food can be prepared with vegetable oil, low-fat margarine, little salt, no extra sauce or butter, and broiled instead of fried. Or ask to see a copy of the menu in advance so that you know which items would work well with your meal plan.

Dining On Time

The Fast-Food Challenge

Believe it or not, you can make healthy fast-food choices. How? Know exactly what you are ordering and plan ahead.

Eating out can be one of life's great pleasures. Make the right choices, ask for what you need, and balance your meals out with healthy meals at home. You can enjoy yourself and take good care of your diabetes at the same time.

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