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The Benefits of Section 8 Housing to Seniors

Are you approaching those "golden years" of life?

Does it make you cringe to think about having to shovel the snow or mow the lawn?

Do you ever think about how nice it would be not to have the cost and responsibility of home maintenance?

What about renting - do you get anxious every time you sign a new lease, wondering if your already high rent is going to get higher?

Do your monthly utility bills seem to be creeping up while your monthly income doesn't?

Do you have to "squeeze" by from week to week and sometimes choose between buying groceries or medications?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you may want to consider government subsidized, section 8 independent living for seniors. To qualify for this type of housing, you generally must be age 62 years or better, and your income must meet government-established guidelines. Generally speaking, you are going to pay much less on your rent than in any other settings. For example, in government subsidized, section 8 housing; you pay 30% of your adjusted gross monthly income for rent. That means that if you receive $1000 per month, you pay about $300 for rent. If you have a lot of medical expenses, your rent could be even less!

There are many amenities in government subsidized, section 8 apartments. The apartments are designed to accommodate seniors with emergency pull cord systems and grab bars in the showers for safety. The building and grounds are maintained by maintenance staff so you do not have to. There is likely an on call manager that can respond to a resident's emergency call light and assist the resident to obtain needed services after hours and on weekends when office staff are unavailable.

One of the best features is that there is security in knowing that there is limited access to the building. If a visitor comes to the building, the visitor must call a resident to obtain access. If the resident does not know that visitor or does not want the visitor to come into the building, the resident can just hang up. Other amenities may include a beauty shop, elevators and community areas for residents to meet, potlucks, games and special educational programs of interest. If you do not drive, there are usually public transit systems available throughout the day for a minimal fee to take you to doctor appointments, the grocery store, etc. Often, the public transit systems come right to the front door of your apartment building.

Also, some government subsidized, section 8 housing helps meet nutritional needs of their residents through a congregate meal site where residents can eat one hot meal per day together. This is typically set up through a partnership with the area agency on aging who provides the meals for a minimal donation by the resident.

Another advantage of this type of housing is that there is likely a Social Service Coordinator on staff. This person can assist you with a multitude of things. For example, the Social Service Coordinator sets up educational programs that are relevant to senior citizens, assists with setting up transportation and doctor appointments when needed, advocates for residents when needed and assists residents with aging in place through referrals to outside agencies such as home health services, representative payee services, home medical equipment and supplies, etc. The Social Service Coordinator also assists residents with questions about bills, scams, and applying for entitlement programs such as Medicaid, Medicare D, Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, SSI, phone discount programs and more.

Finally, a huge advantage of government subsidized, section 8 housing for seniors is that seniors can maintain their independence while aging in place. Remember, if you are tired of home maintenance, high utility bills and would like to be able to afford both groceries and prescriptions, consider government subsidized, section 8 housing for seniors.

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