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The Value of a Senior Move Manager

What is a Senior Move Manager and why should I use one?

A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or "aging in place." Though many senior move managers have backgrounds in gerontology, social work, health care, nursing and psychology, others come to this industry from the corporate world of project management, technology, accounting or marketing. What all senior move managers share, however, is a profound commitment to connecting with older adults and a desire to perform meaningful work.

Although specific services may, vary, most Senior Move Managers can help with some or all of the following:

Some senior move managers provide these services directly; others function in more of an oversight or management role. Senior move managers have extensive, practical knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of various local community resources.

Additionally, senior move managers frequently assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but simply require expert organizational skills and solid knowledge of "aging in place" concepts to help them achieve their goal of . . . not moving anywhere, but improving quality of life!

One call to a senior move manager can connect you with services older adults and families need for a seamless, successful transition of all kinds.

Who uses senior move managers?

Senior move managers are contacted by various sources:

What are the real benefits of senior move management services?

Why is senior move management needed now and not twenty years ago?

What questions should I ask when deciding to contract with a senior move manager?

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