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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more common than you may think! It is believed that about 10% of the population has some form of hearing loss! It is very important for seniors and their families to be aware of the kinds of hearing loss that commonly affect older people and the treatments that are available. Hearing loss is an invisible problem that generally develops slowly over time. Hearing loss is the leading communication disability experienced by seniors. Hearing loss can limits social interaction with family and friends, which can lead to a sense of isolation and feelings of depression. Ultimately hearing loss can decrease your quality of life!

There are signs to look for when you or a loved one may have hearing loss. Are you more frequently asking people to repeat what they say? Do you have difficulty listening and understanding speech in noisy settings such as a crowd or a restaurant? Do you have difficulty hearing people speak to you from far away? Does your family complain that the TV is too loud? Does it sound like people mumble when they speak to you? Are you able to hear that people are speaking, but you are not able to make out what they are saying? Do you have a ringing or a buzzing in your ear(s)? Are you having difficulty hearing on the telephone? If you have answered yes to any of these, you may have some hearing loss. If you have concerns about possible hearing loss, you should have your hearing tested by a licensed audiologist. An audiologist will be able to evaluate your hearing abilities and once the nature of the hearing loss has been identified, they can make the proper recommendation for your hearing health care needs. These recommendations may include the use of hearing aids or other assistive listening devices.

Hearing aids today are not your parents’ hearing aids! Many hearing aids offer wildly advanced technology, including such features as Bluetooth connectivity and wireless functions! Telephones, TVs, music players, computers, can all be streamed wirelessly through hearing aids!

When seniors who have hearing loss are treated, they often report that they have better relationships with their family, they have better feelings about themselves, that they have improved mental health, and that they have a greater sense of independence and security. Get your hearing checked by an audiologist today!

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