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CCRCs Provide Peace of Mind

"My husband and I had lived in our home for 41 years. Once our children were grown, it was too large for us. We planned together to move to an independent living community, and when he passed away I was so glad we'd made this decision together. The location is perfect for me it's right in the community where I live."
—Rose Marie Hogan, resident of Vincentian Villa

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Or thought about them for a parent or loved one?

What is a CCRC?

According to, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC, is a residential community for the remainder of one's life, with a choice of services and living situations. Seniors can move between Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Care and back again, based on changing needs at each point in time.

Could a CCRC be right for you?

There are many different types of CCRCs available and many different payment structures based on services provided. Shop around, do your homework, ask questions, talk to friends, and investigate your options as you choose which CCRC setting may be right for you.

Coming to live at a CCRC allows you to be as independent as possible for as long as possible. The amenities included support your current independent lifestyle by providing access to medical/hospital services, shopping, family, church life, community activities and more.

As needs change, you can continue to remain in your new independent living home by adding individual services that allow you to age safely in your home.

In the event that you require the services of Assisted Living and/or Skilled Nursing Home, those services are available to you. The plan would be for you to receive the services needed to rehabilitate and return to your home in independent living.

If you are unable to return home, you have the security of knowing that you'll receive the services you require from a organization you've selected in advance.

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