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Making the Right Choice During a Tough Time
Choosing the Right Rehabilitation

When Ron Galbreath and his wife, Pat, sat down to watch Pitt basketball play in the Big East Conference semifinals on March 14, 2008, choosing the right rehabilitation was the last thing on their minds. Little did they know it would end up being one of the most important decisions they would make in their lives.

During the game, Ron started to feel weak and nauseated. He thought he was coming down with the flu, but Pat sensed something more serious. She drove Ron to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a stroke. He suffered vision, speech and short-term memory difficulties as well as paralysis on his right side.

After a week in the hospital, some of Ron’s doctors thought he should be transferred to a nursing home. In Pat’s own words, “We just would not accept this for Ron and pushed for him to get into Harmarville.”

Pat’s insistence on a rehabilitation hospital versus a nursing home facility ended up being the right choice for Ron. As a patient of the Stroke Program at HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, Ron received the appropriate care – speech, occupational and physical therapy – he needed to recover.

With so many different kinds of healthcare facilities, how would you know which one would best meet the rehabilitation needs of a family member, a friend or even yourself?

Taking these steps in choosing the right rehabilitation can make a huge difference in a patient’s recovery. Just ask Ron and Pat Galbreath.

Thanks to Pat and her husband’s Harmarville therapists’ hard work and dedication, today Ron is driving, weightlifting, playing racquetball, basketball and golf multiple times a week.

When it comes to finding the best rehabilitation services, follow Pat’s footsteps; demand a higher level of care, do your research and understand the differences in your rehabilitation options.

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