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HearWell Center Offering Hearing Care Seminars as a Community Service to Local Clubs, Businesses and Organizations

Pittsburgh, PA – The audiologists and professionals of HearWell Center are pleased to offer to their hearing care expertise at local social clubs, community organizations, businesses and neighborhood associations in anticipation of National Better Hearing Month this May.

HearWell Center’s professionals are available for educational speaking engagements detailing the importance of protecting, preserving, and promoting the benefits of better hearing. There is no cost for these educational speaking engagements, as they consider it part of their community service as the area’s only AudigyCertified hearing care HearWell Center.

“Though we’ve been serving the hearing care needs of our community for five years, our goal this year is spend even more time with our friends and neighbors,” said Dr. Suzanne Yoder. “The voices of our loved ones, our favorite songs, and countless other sounds are central to our enjoyment of life.  We’d like to be part of helping our community create a lifetime of those special moments through better hearing.”

HearWell Center reports that the topics discussed will include:

If this sounds like something your local social club, business, community organization, or neighborhood association would benefit from, HearWell Center encourages that you call their HearWell Center today at 412 271-3002 so they can coordinate the best time to meet your group.


Press Contact:
Suzanne Yoder, Au.D., 412 271-3002, and

About HearWell Center
HearWell Center is an AudigyCertified™ member of Audigy Group. This certification recognizes practices that deliver outstanding hearing and diagnostic services to their patients, offer the most up-to-date technology, and strive for excellence through continuing education. For more information, please call HearWell Center 412 271-3002 or visit WWW.HEARWELLCENTER.COM.

About AGX Hearing Technology
With multiple invisible and nearly invisible options to choose from, AGX Hearing is the preferred technology of AudigyCertified professionals and their patients. AGX Hearing partners with the world's leading technology manufacturers to consistently offer the latest, most effective hearing technology solutions to match patients’ unique lifestyles, budgets, and hearing difficulties. For more information, please visit

Learn more about HearWell Center by visiting our profile.

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