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Hospice: There's More to Know

When asked about hospice, many people know that it provides pain management, emotional support, help with family care giving, and spiritual care to patients and their families when a cure is not possible. Everyone seems to know a family or friend who was helped by hospice when faced with the serious illness and death of a loved one. However, many people may not know that hospice provides what the majority of Americans desire at the end of life—to die where they call home with the comfort of their loved ones and free from pain.

Hospice utilizes a unique team approach comprised of medical directors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, bereavement clinicians and volunteers to holistically treat the individual and family. Although hospice is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, the frequency and length of care visits are flexible and determined by the needs of the patient and family. This approach enables hospice to treat not only the medical condition but to provide dignity, comfort and support to patients and families medically, emotionally and spiritually.

Because Hospice is a Medicare/Medicaid covered benefit, individuals may be relieved of many out of pocket expenses related to the terminal diagnosis. Though hospice services have been around since 1974, it is often misunderstood by patients, families and even doctors.

Hospice allows patients and families to embrace life to the fullest extent while providing superior medical, emotional, and spiritual end of life care. Hospice is committed to the expectations and needs of each patient and family.

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