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You May Not Do Enough Of It… SMILE!

It's the beginning of 2009, and as we featured in last month's Senior Matters column, resolutions can be the last thing on our minds. Think of resolutions and you may conjure up visions of additional responsibility, self-doubt, and the reminder that we are all far from perfect. But just as we encouraged caregivers to commit to a "respite resolution" last month, we are encouraging everyone to dedicate 2009 to one more easy resolution - smiling.

You may be thinking "I'm 70 years old and have done my fair share of smiling. There's less and less these days to smile about." Well, we are here to remind you that not only is that not true, but smiling can bring along numerous health benefits, which will keep us living longer and looking at things in a more positive light.

Why should we smile?

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