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Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

Pittsburgh, PA – During the holiday season and winter months, many boomers and seniors will travel to visit with friends and family or head to warmer destinations to escape the cold days of winter. While travel is usually quite enjoyable, communication challenges can directly impact one’s experience during family visits and vacations.

According to the Better Hearing Institute, 1 in 6 baby boomers (14.6%) are experiencing hearing loss, and as boomers continue to reach retirement age, more and more will be looking to spend their well-deserved retirement days traveling.   

The AudigyCertifiedTM hearing care professionals of HearWell Center are offering the following tips to help those experiencing hearing loss better enjoy their travels.


If you do encounter a problem with your hearing technology while traveling, or are in need of supplies, the network of AudigyCertified hearing care professionals throughout the U.S. can help. For more information or to find an AudigyCertified hearing care professional near you, please call 1.800.Hearing or visit                        


About HearWell Center
HearWell Center, located in Forest Hills, PA, provides the highest standard of care to patients with, or at high risk to hearing and vestibular disorders, in a respectful, friendly and professional environment. Audiologist Dr. Yoder maximizes the patient experience and enhances quality of life through individual-based audiology services including hearing tests, diagnostics, education, counseling, treatments, rehabilitation and devices (such as hearing aids, hearing protection assistive devices and alerting devices).

About Audigy Group
Audigy Group is a Member-driven organization established in 2004 to assist private, independent hearing care professionals in consistently delivering the highest quality hearing care to their communities. Audigy Group’s membership includes some of the nation’s leading audiologists—innovators in both clinical care and in defining the standards of service with the hearing care industry.

About Hearing Loss
Please explore this infographic on Hearing Loss in America. It’s full of information on hearing loss, how it occurs, how it affects our lives, and—more importantly—how it can be effectively treated with the right combination of certified provider, treatment plan, and hearing device technology.


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