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Funeral Service Trends

With the rise of the baby boomers, funeral service consumers are making decisions based on different values than their previous generation. Boomers and seniors have a strong commitment to and appreciation for the value of funeral service and are seeking a meaningful service that provides a connection to their loved one, and a celebration of the life that was lived. Many consumers also are seeking products, services and experiences that are different than those that have been included in the traditional funeral service. Their decisions are more event-based than product-based.

The Popularity of Personalization

Funeral service consumers are seeking a service that is as unique as the person who died. The idea of personalization has resulted in an explosion of unique and meaningful services being held. Families want the funeral ceremony to no longer focus on death, but rather the celebration of life.

Preplanning Funerals

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals choosing to preplan their own funeral. This trend can be credited to the aging baby boomers, which are known for their desire to control all aspects of their life and for developing their own ideas.

Preplanning a funeral allows individuals to choose the type of service to best fit their beliefs and needs. Many also make the choice to preplan citing the preference to take the burden away from their family and friends.

Cremation on the Rise

The public's interest in cremation continues to rise. In 2000, cremation accounted for 26 percent of final dispositions in the United States. A growing trend with cremation is the consumers' choice to hold creative funeral services, rather than a simple direct cremation. As the popularity of cremations has grown, so has its acceptance among various religious faiths. Religions that previously frowned upon cremation are now understanding its value to families and adjusting their doctrines to accommodate this sacred choice.

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