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Home Enhancements…for All Ages and Abilities

You are probably reading this article because you are a caregiver, caretaker, friend or family member of an aging loved one, or perhaps a clinician or doctor…in any case, I am delighted to share some recent products with you for creative applications around the home or residential community.  It is by no means a complete listing.  If you find an awesome product that contributes to a healthy, holistic and happy lifespace, let me know.  I have selected these items because they are unique, available and enhance the quality of life. These are items for all ages and abilities and contribute to overall wellness.  Remember, "Wellness is more than non-illness"!

"Sensory Supported Spaces"—

Recognizing and celebrating the fact that we, as sensory beings, are stimulated and influenced greatly by our surroundings through our various senses, it makes good sense to acknowledge what other societies have known for generations… that our environment can affect our health, behavior, attitude and wellness.  Let's begin our journey into the realm of enhancement by looking at the following senses and how we might incorporate them into our home.

Scents Make Sense

For centuries, civilizations have used aromas to enhance productivity, wellness and health.  The Greeks used essential oils in their sails of their ships and in the mortar of their homes to enhance their quality of life!  Although things have changed somewhat over the years, today at the local mall, retailers often use aromas to improve sales.  Scents make cents when it comes to retailing!  In the home, there are essentially two considerations, they are:

small diffusersLeyden House manufactures a variety of units that address both quality and "enhancement".  These small diffusers release micro- particles of essential oils that are safe and anti-microbial. Besides creating a fresh natural aroma, the floating aroma particles adhere to dust mites and other smaller particles in our environment.  The essential oil is released only when the circulating fan goes on, hence conserving oil usage. The company has different blends, some strongly anti-microbial, but with a pleasing scent. Other blends are relaxing, stimulating, romantic, or contribute to respiratory health. These room essential oil diffusers have proven themselves safe and effective in hospitals, assisted living institutions as well as private residences.  The company also develops and sells custom blends of essential oils for specific needs.  Upcoming for the future…a whole-house unit.  Retail prices begin at $80.00 for the room model (shown).
Leyden House • 800-754-0668 •

air purificationAs for air quality and purification, there are several methods of cleaning the air, they include:

Each approach has its pros and cons.  For instance, HEPA filters are great and are used by many hospitals for removing airborne particles, however the filters can be costly.  Using ozone to clean pools and the air without chemicals can be effective, but as with chemicals, using ozone can be harmful if not managed properly.

The Surround Air Purifier-Ionizer line of products combines all of the above techniques and a timer to specify the duration of use.  The XJ 3000 shown retails for $179.00 and is great for a large room. ( • 888-812-1516)

Sights (automated lighting)

automated lightingThis is one of the cool items that should be included in every home.  Automated lighting systems can reduce crime, (and perhaps your insurance premiums), reduce the chance of falls and injuries while adding some nice control of the ambiance of a room.  As for cost, they start around $60 at the local home improvement retailer and go up; depending upon complexity of capabilities and whether or not you have to install the units into the walls.  If you have the luxury of designing home automation while building your home, great, if not, automated lighting might have to be limited to tabletop systems.  Shown here is one of the better whole-house systems, the Neo unit by LiteTouch Inc.
Connecticut contact: Lighting Affiliates, Ltd Tel: 860-721-1171

Sounds & Music

With the advent of Ipods and Satellite radio services, the options are varied for providing mood "sounds and music".  The solutions are evident for customers with a basic knowledge of electronics and sound systems.   For instance, you can use your Ipod in your house with a broadcast unit to network, or broadcast the music throughout your home on existing radio frequencies with little expense.  Your cable television service can also provide satellite radio as part of their digital cable package.

gas fireplaceLet's Heat Things Up!

All right, you want to be practical, efficient and yet indulge yourself once in awhile.

Lopi manufactures some truly unique and practical stoves and  gas fireplaces that not only heat your place, but also provide aromatherapy for added comfort and effect.  The wall units can also "disappear" behind a one-way mirror when not in use!  Practical, fun and unique!  Units start at $1,000 and go up depending upon specific options.    
(In CT • Dean's Stove & Spa, LLC • 860-621-5311)


Being exposed to Feng Shui principles early in life, it is understandable how I advocate the application of water in home, retail, healthcare and business environments.  Waterfeatures can be small, inexpensive, natural or very modern in design.  At a recent conference on Aging Environments in Baltimore, I met Guy Bertelli from Accents in Water.  Guy mentioned how they focus on selling custom waterfeatures to healthcare facilities, but their products have found their way into the retail mainstream.  Many designs are based on Feng Shui principles and begin around $3,000.  For more info: • 800-622-3440.

home enhancements

In closing, home enhancements come in various price ranges, sizes, shapes and portability.

 Maximize both your enjoyment and your investment
 with home enhancements!


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