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What is a CSA?

If you have "M.D." behind your name, everyone knows you're a doctor, and if you have "CPA" behind your name, everyone knows you're an accountant. Professionals with CSA behind their names are Certified Senior Advisors who have earned that designation through Society of Certified Senior Advisors™.

The CSA letters behind their names signify the spirit inside their hearts. That's because people who become CSAs have made the clear and conscious decision that they want to know as much as possible about how to serve seniors.
Seniors share many satisfactions and many challenges. Things that were important to them when they were younger aren't so important now, and things they never thought about before now dominate their lives.

Today, a combination of health, financial and social issues determines whether or not seniors reach their common goal of remaining vibrant and independent for as long as possible. Getting older should be a time to be savored, not a state to be feared. And with the population getting older and living longer, attention to seniors has never been more important.

Certified Senior Advisors understand that. They realize that longer lives demand better advice. When Society of Certified Senior Advisors approves them for its designation training, candidates complete a curriculum that encompasses some 23 key areas affecting seniors – areas that include nutrition, senior housing, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, financial and estate planning, social aspects of aging, trends affecting seniors and more.

After professionals successfully complete a national CSA exam and agree to adhere to the standards of professional conduct contained in the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility, they are designated a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® and are allowed to use that designation. CSAs find that their communication with senior clients is improved, their skills heightened, their credibility enhanced and, often, their business increased. Seniors find that it's rewarding to do business with someone who wants to work with them –and who has done the hard work to earn the credential of Certified Senior Advisor.

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