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What is a Senior Move Manager?

Moving – just the thought of it can make some people feel overwhelmed. Even in the best of situations – all of the sorting, organizing, discarding, packing, and unpacking can be a daunting process.

What do older adults, who are frequently not in the best of health, do when faced with the prospect of moving and the added layer of downsizing?

As a result of their declining health, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have decided to move to an assisted living facility. The three adult Wilson children are supportive of their parents' decision but do not live near their parents and have full-time jobs. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson will not require much downsizing but they are physically unable to sort and pack their belongings.

Dr. Carter has decided to move to a retirement community. Dr. Carter's wife died earlier this year and he no longer wants the burden of taking care of his house. He knows that he cannot take all the possessions he and his wife accumulated over 45 years and he will need to downsize. Although Dr. Carter was an accomplished professional, he always relied on his wife to take care of the household-related tasks. Unfortunately, Dr. Carter does not have any relatives to help him with this process.

Senior Move Managers can provide a variety of personalized services. They help clients develop an overall move plan including the creation of a customized floor plan for the new residence. They can help with organizing, sorting and downsizing the client's belongings as well as arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, buy-out, consignment or donation.

Senior Move Managers are not movers but frequently interview, schedule and oversee movers, and arrange shipping and storage. They are experts at packing and unpacking and setting up the client's new home.

Since Senior Move Managers recognize that each move is different and requires a unique combination of services, they are flexible about their role in the relocation process. Senior Move Managers are client-centered professionals who have an extensive knowledge base about all facets of relocation including the costs, quality and availability of resources in the client's community. Their goal is the successful relocation of the client and they are ready to provide a host of services to achieve that goal.

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