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Senior Citizen's Guide

Your Estate
Is it in order?

  • Review ownership of assets
  • Review insurance for protection of estate assets
  • Consider annual gifting
  • Consider paying heirs' tuition or medical bills
  • Determine whether to sell or pass on family business
  • Plan for succession of business
  • Discuss estate plan with heirs, and revise if appropriate
  • Write letter of instruction
  • Keep organized financial records
  • Review estate plan periodically
  • Coordinate estate plan with qualified estate planning attorney and financial planner
  • Start by reviewing estate assets and debts
  • Decide where you want assets to go
  • Start work with financial planner and attorney
  • Draft or update will
  • Choose qualified executor for will
  • Choose guardians for children
  • Secure a durable power of attorney
  • Draft a living will
  • Obtain medical power of attorney
  • Consider creating one or more trusts
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